Fix Roadway Subsidence, New Roadway for Farm Premises

Location: Nether Tofts Farm House, Hawick, Borders, Scotland.
Project: Fix Roadway Subsidence, New Roadway for Farm Premises .

We are Tarmac Road Surfacing Experts covering Scotland, Northumberland and Cumbria sometimes further afield for larger projects. We specialise in Fix Roadway Subsidence and laying New Roadways to Farm Premises like the project below that we’ve just completed at Nether Tofts Farm House, Hawick in the beautiful Scottish Borders.

Now what’s better than a new roadway on a farm premises? Not much, if you love tarmac as much as we do 🙂 For this project carried out the following steps:

  • Fix Roadway Subsidence.
  • Planed and removed the subsided road surface.
  • New Roadway for Farm Premises .
  • A Hot k.1.50 bond coat was applied
  • AC20mm base course was laid to 75mm depth
  • AC10mm stone mastic asphalt was laid to 55mm depth

Are you interested in a similar project for your property? If so, Get in touch.. You can see more of Our Work which shows the full scope of the services we provide.